Peanut Butter Chicken Recipe

Total Time: 25 minutes

Cuisine: Asian


  • tomato
  • salt
  • chicken stock
  • onion
  • chilli oil (can be substituted smoked paprika)
  • black pepper powder
  • chicken breasts bless
  • peanut butter smooth
  • sunflower oil


  • To begin making the Peanut Butter Chicken recipe, heat oil in a large skillet, add onion and stir until translucent
  • Once the onions are soft and translucent, add the chicken pieces; cook until chicken starts to turn white
  • Add chilli oil, followed by salt and pepper
  • Keep the heat on medium through the whole process and continue stirring
  • The entire process should take 5-7 minutes
  • Add tomatoes, chicken stock and let it simmer on low heat until the chicken is tender
  • When the chicken is tender, stir in peanut butter, stirring continuously until mixed thoroughly and the sauce starts to thicken
  • If the sauce is too thick, you could add some more chicken broth or hot water or if its not thickening, add some more peanut butter
  • Give it a stir and when the chicken is done, serve hot
  • Serve Peanut Butter Chicken with Lemon Rice on its own or as a side dish along with Srilankan Chicken Curry and Tawa Paratha for a weekend meal