Mexican Style Scrambled Egg Enchiladas Recipe

Total Time: 75 minutes

Cuisine: Mexican


  • tomato
  • salt
  • wheat flour
  • makki ka atta (yellow corn meal flour)
  • red bell pepper (capsicum)
  • green bell peppers
  • cumin powder (jeera)
  • hung curd (greek yogurt)
  • red chilli powder
  • cloves garlic
  • red chilli flakes
  • sugar
  • onion
  • lemon
  • black pepper powder
  • eggs
  • dried oregano


  • To begin making the Scrambled Egg Enchiladas Recipe, we will start making the tortilla dough
  • Add all the ingredients into a bowl and knead slowly by adding Lukewarm water
  • Knead it into a firm dough and rest it covered for some time
  • To make the sauce, blanch the tomatoes by slitting them crosswise at the bottom of the tomatoes
  • Heat enough water over a sauce pan and once it boils add the tomatoes and blanch them for 30 seconds
  • Remove the tomatoes, once it cools down, peel off the skin and blitz the tomatoes in a mixer till it becomes a puree
  • Heat a sauce pan with oil, add the chopped garlic, onions and saut? till the onions soften
  • Add the pureed tomatoes and cook the tomatoes for 2 more minutes
  • Add the sugar, red chilli flaxes, oregano and salt and adjust the consistency by adding little water if required
  • Close it with the lid and cook the sauce for about 5 more minutes and switch it off
  • To make the bell peppers fajitha, heat oil over a sauce pan, add garlic, onion, bell peppers and saute until they soften
  • Add red chilli powder, salt, oregano and cumin powder and saute till the spice powder is coated well
  • Switch off the heat
  • To make the sour cream, whisk the curd and lemon juice together and place it in the fridge until you start to assemble
  • To make the tortillas, divide the dough into small equal balls and roll it on the board to a 6 inch diameter
  • Do the same with the rest of the doughHeat a flat Skillet, add a teaspoon of oil and just toast the rolled dough lightly on both the sides
  • Do the same for the rest and keep it aside
  • To make the egg scramble, heat a small pan with oil, break the eggs separately into a bowl add salt, pepper and whisk well till it fluffs up
  • Once the pan is heated, add the chopped garlic and onions and saute till the onions softens
  • Slowly add the whisked egg and leave it for 10 seconds now gradually fold in to make the scramble
  • To assemble, take a toasted tortilla, spoon out some scrambled egg and roll it tightly, place it on a serving plate, pour the tomato sauce over it, add the saut?ed bell peppers fajita, add a dollop of the sour cream and serve
  • Serve the Scrambled Egg Enchiladas Recipe along with tomato salsa, Chunky Cucumber Salsa and a glass of Mulled Apple Juice