Chicken Chilli Cheese Quesadillas Recipe

Total Time: 70 minutes

Cuisine: Mexican


  • salt
  • boneless chicken
  • black pepper powder
  • sweet corn
  • onion
  • lemon
  • cheddar cheese
  • chipotle sauce
  • green bell pepper (capsicum)
  • tomato pasta sauce
  • butter
  • tortillas


  • To begin making the Chicken Chilli Cheese Quesadillas recipe, firstly marinate chicken with chipotle paste, salt, crushed pepper and lime juice for minimum 40 minutes
  • Heat butter in a non stick pan, add onion and sliced green pepper and saute for a while
  • Now add the marinated chicken and saute for some more time
  • Add tomato sauce and mix well
  • Cook till chicken softens
  • Transfer the chicken mix in a microwave bowl and add in the cheese and corn
  • Mix well
  • Microwave on high for 2 minutes in oven and allow it to rest for a while
  • Take one tortilla sheet and add spoonful of chicken chilli cheese mix and spread evenly
  • Place another tortilla over it and grill on stove top grill pan
  • Carefully flip the other side and grill again by brushing a little butter on top
  • Transfer in a plate and carefully cut the quesadillas into four quadrants using a pizza cutter
  • Similarly make more quesadillas and serve hot with your favourite dip
  • Serve Chicken Chilli Cheese Quesadillas along with Baked Mexican Rice and Corn Pineapple Salsa Salad for a perfect Mexican dinner on a weekend night